Published on 5 Jul 2021

£4,000,000 successfully secured


£40,000 – £130,000 Savings to each lessee depending in percentage of service


Works will take about 1 year and building will be rated A1 on completion


The development comprises of 2 buildings, one of which is over 18m one of which is below 18m; because they share an entrance lobby both buildings are considered to be one development of over 18m.

An intrusive inspection showed that both buildings had combustible insulation (EPS) behind the render and were missing fire breaks.

Materials were sent away for testing and the results came back to confirm they were highly combustible.

The Fire Engineers gave both buildings a B2 rating meaning that action was required to remediate the problem.

In March 2020 just after the Government announced the Non ACM remediation fund we started the process of preparing for the application. Surveyors were instructed to produce a detailed specification which was tendered and the long process of completing and submitting all the sections required for the Funding application were undertaken.

We were granted access to the GLA portal in advance of the original December deadline and that enabled us to upload all the documentation that we had amassed in preparation. We knew what was required having undertaken similar projects earlier and so were ahead of matters at the start.

We went through the BSF approval stages 1 & 2 and finally in June 2021 we received written confirmation from the BSF that our application had been successful and that our clients had been awarded just under £4m in grant funding.

We are now working towards an August 2021 start date.

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