Published on 5 Jul 2021

£1,000,000 successfully secured


£10,300 “ £36,000 Saving per lessee


Project is in final stages of completion


Building will be rated A1 on completion


This building is over 18m and an intrusive inspect showed that the metal panels covering much of it were ACM.

Materials were sent for testing and confirmed that they were ACM and that the insulation was also combustible.

An application was submitted to the ACM fund and surveyors were in structed to prepare a detailed specification for remediation and tender.

This application went through relatively quickly and we were initially awarded £530,000 in grant funding.  A subsequent application was made following the announcement of the Building Safety Fund as eligible materials were identified.  This resulted in a further £500,000 being secured for the Leaseholders.

Contractors began work October 2020 and the project is due to be completed in July 2021.

The building will be awarded an A1 certification on the EWS1 form.

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