Published on 5 Jul 2021

£3,000,000 successfully secured


£31,000 – £248,000 savings per lessee


Phase one completed and Phase two starting in July


Building will be rated A2 on completion but depending on whether balconies are remediated this could be uprated to A1


Following an intrusive inspection it was found that this building had both ACM and non ACM cladding as well as combustible insulation.

Sample of the ACM panel and the insulation were sent off for testing and both were confirmed to be highly combustible.

An application to the ACM Fund was submitted and we agreed with the GLA that this fund would cover the replacement of non ACM combustible material as well as the ACM cladding.

This was an important milestone as it allowed a smooth flow of work without any delay in having to apply to the Non ACM fund for money.

The application progressed with few delays because we had gathered together all the data that was required enabling our case officer at the BSF and Cushman Wakefield the surveyors acting for the Government to speedily pass through stages  1 & 2 and send the application to the Funding Approval Board for ratification.

There are complications with this site as it backs on to the River Thames and there is  public walkway. Permission was obtained to close this and scaffolding had to be erected to cantilever the walkway.

The building has balconies, some of which have timber decking.

Replacement of the decking is specifically excluded from the funding prospectus unless it has to be removed in order to allow removal of the cladding.

Replacement of the timber decking will be a service charge item and when done the building will be awarded and A1 rating,

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