Published on 5 Jul 2021

£1,500,000  requested


Current stage 1 approved and waiting stage 2 approval


£5,800 – £50,000 savings for lessees when funding is secured.


On completion building will be rated A1


This is a tall 18 story building. As a matter of routine we undertook an intrusive inspection and were surprised to find that the flank walls contained highly combustible expanded polystyrene insulation as well as missing fire breaks.

There was no indication of this in the O&M manuals

Samples of the EPS were sent for testing and were proved to be highly combustible.

Surveyors have prepared a detailed specification for removal of the external walls and insulation and replacement with non combustible material.

Tenders have been received and our application has currently received stage 1 approval from the BSF and is progressing through stage 2.

We have held several meetings with lessees on Teams during the  project keeping them updated on progress and hope to have stage 2 approval in July 2021.

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