Published on 5 Jul 2021

£4,000,000 applied for

£19,000- £299,000 savings per lessee

This is a group of buildings some over 18m, some under 18m.

The shorter buildings on their own would not be eligible for remediation however we were able to prove that because they are linked by an underground carpark this created a fire hazard to the shorter buildings and they are therefore included in the funding application.

Regulations state the building must be a minimum of 18m with a 30cm tolerance between the lowest ground level and the finished floor level of the top floor apartment.

We were able to prove that one of the stand alone buildings on the development met these regulations although it was not immediately obvious.

Intrusive inspections of all the buildings showed that they had combustible insulation and the top floor of the buildings had ACM  cladding.

The samples were sent off for testing and came back showing that they were indeed highly flammable.

A detailed specification has been undertaken with detailed design drawings of what is required to replace the cladding and insulation.

This has been tendered and the tenders have been received.

The application for remediation was prepared and ready to be submitted well in advance of the Governments original deadline of 31st December 2020.

Unfortunately we were not given access to the GLA portal to load the information and the government subsequently extended the deadline for the application to 30th June 2021.

We have still not been granted access to the GLA portal and appear to be on of at least 1,000 application waiting for access.

As a precaution we have submitted the application and all documentation twice by email.

We have chased the BSF and all our contacts on numerous occasions to try ad get access. We have sought assistance from lessees asking them to contact their MP’s to see if we can get access.

It is very frustrating for the lessees and ourselves especially as we know from experience that we have all the information required to swiftly progress through the stages to obtain remediation.

We send a weekly bulletin to lessee and hold monthly lessee meetings n Teams to keep them updated and will continue to do so until the end of the project.

If you have a cladding issue and need help in progressing matters to conclusion, there is no time to lose.
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