Published on 5 Jul 2021

£4,000,000 applied for

£18,000 – £45,000 savings per lessee when approved

Currently Stage 1 approval granted awaiting stage 2


This development consists of 4 buildings none of which are linked.

Two of the buildings are over 18m and are eligible for remediation under the current scheme, one of the buildings is between 4- 6 stories and so would be eligible under the governments loan scheme if that comes into being. The other is below 4 stories and so is not eligible for any funding.

Intrusive inspections were undertaken on all buildings and it was found  that the they all contained Combustible insulation.

The insulation was sent off for testing and this proved that it was highly combustible and needed remediation.

A detailed specification was produced for each building so that tenders would be individually received.

An application for remediation was submitted for all four buildings and because 2 of them were below the regulation height these were rejected.

There is an appeal process that we invoked. Unfortunately  the Fire Engineer was unable to say that the gap between the buildings was sufficiently narrow to aid the spread of fire and the appeal was rejected.

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