Waking Watch Relief Fund Re-Opened - The Government has announced that the Waking Watch Relief Fund has been reopened. The Fund is designed to cover the capital cost of installing a Fire Alarm System in buildings that meet the following criteria: be in the private sector be over 17.70 metres in height have an unsafe cladding system have a waking watch […]BSF Registration Statistics to 31st July 2021 - The BSF has released their latest statistics; this information be viewed on our Resource Hub here.GOVERNMENT TO OPEN REGISTRATIONS AGAIN IN AUTUMN FOR BUILDINGS OVER 18m - GOVERNMENT TO OPEN REGISTRATIONS AGAIN IN AUTUMN FOR BUILDINGS OVER 18m There are hundreds of buildings who have not yet registered for the cladding remediation grant and so the Government have announced that they are opening up registrations again at some point this Autumn. This is perhaps the last opportunity for buildings over 18m with […]No EWS1 for buildings under 18m. Hundreds of Thousand of leaseholders released from the cladding trap. - No EWS1 for buildings under 18m Great news for hundreds of thousands of leaseholders who are now released from the cladding trap. The Government have changed the rules on EWS1 forms so that buildings under 18m no longer require one. They have struck a deal with the major banks who have said they will now […]Breaking The Cladding Deadlock - Background Robert Jenrick announced in February 2021 that there would be a ‘Long Term Loan’ Scheme, which would pay the up front cost of replacing dangerous cladding on buildings between 11 and 18m in height. Leaseholders in these buildings would then pay back the loan, at a capped rate of £50 per month. He said […]BSF Stats to 31st May 2021 Released - The latest figures on applications to the BSF have been released. These figures show that just 39 applications have been reviewed throughout May.  Just 13 applicants had funding approved with £35.7m allocated between them. There are still 692 applicants that have not provided information to the BSF Team. The full released is hereBuilding Safety Fund Deadlines Relaxed - It recently became official, via an updated Guidance Document that the June 2021 deadline for applicants to complete their applications, and the September 2021 deadline for works to start have been relaxed. Whilst applicants are ‘encouraged’ to continue to work towards the June and September deadlines; in instances where achieving these deadlines is not possible, […]Report on Waking Watch Costs - A report has been published, which looks at the range of costs currently being incurred by trapped leaseholders, in respect of a Waking Watch. The Report shows that the average monthly cost of a Waking Watch is £11,361 broken down to be costing individual Leaseholders an average of £137 per month. Costs in London have […]AXA to Offer Cover to New Customers with Cladding - AXA has announced they will be offering their standard Property Owners Insurance on buildings with combustible cladding, provided there is a plan in place to have the non-compliant cladding replaced within 5 years. It has been confirmed that a sum insured will be offered up to £50m and that cover is available to all buildings […]

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Cladding Consulting Ltd was set up to assist the huge number of leaseholders who live in buildings which are now classified as dangerous, due to the presence of combustible material on their external wall systems.

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