Building Safety Fund Deadlines Relaxed - It recently became official, via an updated Guidance Document that the June 2021 deadline for applicants to complete their applications, and the September 2021 deadline for works to start have been relaxed. Whilst applicants are ‘encouraged’ to continue to work towards the June and September deadlines; in instances where achieving these deadlines is not possible, […]Report on Waking Watch Costs - A report has been published, which looks at the range of costs currently being incurred by trapped leaseholders, in respect of a Waking Watch. The Report shows that the average monthly cost of a Waking Watch is £11,361 broken down to be costing individual Leaseholders an average of £137 per month. Costs in London have […]Waking Watch Relief Fund Deadline Looms - The Government re-opened the application process for the £30m Waking Watch Relief Fund; which was introduced to reimburse Leaseholders for the cost of having to install a fire alarm system under NFCC Guidance. Leaseholders in buildings that installed a fire alarm system after 17th December 2020 are able to apply to the fund. The application […]AXA to Offer Cover to New Customers with Cladding - AXA has announced they will be offering their standard Property Owners Insurance on buildings with combustible cladding, provided there is a plan in place to have the non-compliant cladding replaced within 5 years. It has been confirmed that a sum insured will be offered up to £50m and that cover is available to all buildings […]Call on Government to Scrap Loan Scheme - The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee have published a report calling for the Government to scrap the proposed ‘long term loan scheme’ and establish a comprehensive Building Safety Fund. The Committee also calls for funds to be made available for Leaseholders in the highest risk flats; as opposed to the current ’18m rule’.  Risk […]Fire Safety Bill - Parliament are set to pass the Fire Safety Bill today. Read the commentary from the IRPM here: Fire Safety Bill Update ( Vote Against Fire Safety Bill Amendment - MPs have voted against an amendment to the Fire Safety Bill which, if successful, would have protected Leaseholders from Landlords passing on costs for the remediation of non-compliant cladding. MPs voted 340 to 225 against the amendment yesterday. Read the full article here: Vote to protect leaseholders from cladding costs fails despite Tory rebellion ( Providers Give Feedback on RICS Guidance - On the 5th April 2021 a Guidance Note from the RICS for Lenders and Valuers became effective. UK Finance, who represent the 200 largest lenders in the UK, initially advised that approximately 70% of the lenders it represents would work in accordance with the Guidance Note. Now, lenders have shared their approach to this Guidance […]BSF Applications Mapped - We have produced a map to demonstrate the number of registrations per region. Please follow the link below to view and download the map. BSF Registration Map  Waking Watch Relief Fund Opened to London Applicants - The Government has announced today that applications for the Waking Watch Relief Fund in London have been opened. The Fund is there to provide the up-front cost of installing a fire alarm system in a building that currently has a waking watch. The installation of a fire alarm system will do away with the need […]

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