We have put together a team of professionals, including surveyors, fire engineers, facade designers and lawyers all of whom are required in order to achieve the ultimate goal of having the building fully remediated at no cost to the leaseholders. Navigating the application process through to achieving funding from either the government or developer funds is complex and can face delays or oversights without experienced project management and the correct team of experts in place. Cladding Consulting will ensure no fundamental fund requirements are missed.

We will:

  • Prepare and submit the application
  • Make an application for Pre-Tender Support where available
  • Liaise with the professional team
  • Navigate the process to obtain remediation
  • Keep Boards of Directors fully updated
  • Hold regular online leaseholder meetings
  • Maintain communication with the BSF or developer
  • Accept the funds when paid into a clients account
  • Make certified payments
  • Provide a statement of account

The time-frame between starting an application and receiving funds, in many cases, has been over 2 years.

Our Story

Cladding on high-rise building

The Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017 highlighted problems with existing building regulations when it came to fire safety in buildings. Following the enquiry into the fire several actions were taken by the government to ensure people could feel safe in their own homes.

Significant changes have since been made to building regulations which also apply to buildings built before the changes in 2018. Certain types of material (Cladding) often used on the external walls of high-rise buildings were found to pose a fire risk and where present this now needs to be replaced in order to meet building regulations.

Leaseholders found themselves in a difficult position where they were faced with the enormous cost of repairs, maintenance and improvements pushed onto them. Flats in buildings found to be unsafe are unable to be financed or sold until remediation is undertaken and the building regulations met.

Worker applying cladding exterior

Grant Funding was made available by the government for qualifying buildings in order to finance necessary work. There are strict qualification and application criteria to enable access to these funds including a lengthy and complex process requiring the coordination of a wide range of professionals.

Having already supported a number of buildings through the entire process of successfully claiming funding, property management experts James Hollins and Steven Truman founded Cladding Consulting in order to relieve the pressure on managing agents, landlords and lessees. Cladding Consulting lead the entire process of achieving necessary funding at no cost to lessees.

Championing Leaseholders. Managing the Entire Process.

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Complete professional team

We have put together a team of professionals covering all necessary specialties.



We have already successfully navigated the process and supported clients to receiving full funding.



We already work with building developers who have signed the Governments Pledge.

Team Talk

Transparent communication

We communicate with Managing Agents, RTM companies, boards of directors, landlords and leaseholders, where all documents are stored and accessible on our live portal from beginning to completion.

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End to end service

Our involvement continues until completion of all works.

Managed Funds

Funds fully managed

Our team of accountants are used to working with large sums and our statutory financial framework is in line with fund expectations.

Meet the Team

The Cladding Consulting team has all the knowledge and experience needed to achieve remediation of life threatening building safety defects.

Steven Truman Steven Truman Director Steven has been involved in property management, development, sales and letting for decades. At the beginning of the cladding scandal Steven set up Cladding Consulting to assist clients to assist through the complicated process of applying for Government and now Developer funding to remediate buildings affected by having combustible material. So far we have successfully obtained access to over £40,000,000 saving our clients tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds. Outside work Steven is a big family man and is into rugby, football and Formula 1.
James Hollins James Hollins Director James has been in the Property Management Industry for 10 years and holds both MIRPM and AssocRICS accreditations. Having worked on a number of buildings affected by dangerous cladding materials he identified the process was complex and remediation works needed to be progressed independently of day to day management to ensure the Government's strict funding requirements were met. Since 2018 he has led a number of successful funding applications and has adapted to the recent changes brought about by the Developer's Pledge to ensure momentum on progress is maintained.
Roxie Smith Roxie Smith Head of Accounts Roxis is Zimbabwean born and worked in the property development industry in South Africa for 15 years. Since moving to the UK Roxie has specialised in dealing with multi million pound new build service charge projects and has 18 years of experience working with MRI Software who are the leading providers for property Management accounting. Outside work Roxie loves playing chess and scrabble and can bake a mean chocolate cake.