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If your building is over 11m from the ground floor to the finished floor level of the top floor flat, and it has combustible materials on the external walls, then it may well qualify for remediation.

If your building meets the eligibility criteria, you should qualify for one of the available funding options.

  1. Building Safety Fund – buildings over 18m
  2. Cladding Safety Scheme – building over 11m
  3. The Developers Pledge – buildings where the Developer has signed the Government Pledge

Firstly, we need to confirm eligibility.

Once confirmed, we can handle the entire process from the application, instruction of the professional team, production of the reports required, obtaining tender to starting the project and taking it through to completion.

Yes, we worked very closely with managing agents, especially smaller ones that do not have the time or expertise to handle projects of this nature.


  • We hold regular meetings with all Leaseholders, professional team and contractors which are recorded and minuted.
  • We send regular updates and building alerts via email.
  • All Leaseholders will have access to the document’s library containing all the relevant information.

If you have a cladding issue and need help in progressing matters to conclusion, there is no time to lose.
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