19 Apr 2022

Developers to Help Pay for Cladding Remediation

It has been confirmed that 36 Developers have committed to rectifying critical fire safety defects in buildings, 11m or higher, they constructed or refurbished over the last 30 years. Developers will also be contributing to an extension of the Building Safety Fund by way of the Developer Levy being imposed on all new builds.  This […]

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15 Feb 2022

Government to Protect Leaseholders With New Fire Safety Laws

The Government announced on 14th February 2022 that tough new measures were being introduced to protect Leaseholders from remediation costs and force Developers into ‘doing the right thing’. The measures announced by Mr Gove yesterday include: Developers and product manufacturers that do not help fix the cladding scandal could be blocked from housing market Government […]

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27 Jan 2022

Another £27m For Fire Alarm Installation

Further to Mr Gove’s announcements; the Government has today announced a further £27m to pay for the installation of Fire Alarm Systems in buildings over 18m, which currently have a waking watch in place. This is in addition to the £35m already pledged under the Waking Watch Relief Fund.

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21 Jan 2022

Leaseholder Portal Launched

A Government Portal for Leaseholders has now ‘gone live’. The Portal is designed to enable Leaseholders to track the progress of their application(s) though the Building Safety Fund.  The Government has undertaken to update the information for each building on the 3rd week of every month; with the next round of updates due on 17th […]

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10 Jan 2022

Mid-Rise Building Funding Announced

At the tail end of last year, rumours were gathering pace about Michael Gove announcing support for Leaseholders affected by dangerous cladding, in buildings between 11 & 18m.  We covered this at the time here Over the weekend this has moved from rumours to certainty, with Mr Gove setting out plans to provide a £4Bn fund. […]

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20 Dec 2021

Fund for Mid-Rise Buildings in 2022?

Whilst the silence since Robert Jenrick’s announcement of a ‘Long Term Loan Scheme’ has been deafening; there is increasing speculation that Michael Gove will be pledging funding for buildings between 11m & 18m affected by dangerous cladding. The figure currently being touted is £1Bn however, given the anticipated number of buildings affected, this is unlikely […]

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20 Dec 2021

BSF Stats For November and December 2021 Released

The Government have released the statistics to the end of November 20201.  Both releases can be viewed here: October November

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3 Nov 2021

BSF Stats to 30th September Released

The latest figures have been issued by the Building Safety Fund Team.  They show that just 9 applications were reviewed in September. The full release can be seen here

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4 Oct 2021

Waking Watch Relief Fund Re-Opened

The Government has announced that the Waking Watch Relief Fund has been reopened. The Fund is designed to cover the capital cost of installing a Fire Alarm System in buildings that meet the following criteria: be in the private sector be over 17.70 metres in height have an unsafe cladding system have a waking watch […]

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25 Aug 2021

BSF Registration Statistics to 31st July 2021

The BSF has released their latest statistics; this information be viewed on our Resource Hub here.

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