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Published on 18 Mar 2021

The Government has announced today that applications for the Waking Watch Relief Fund in London have been opened.

The Fund is there to provide the up-front cost of installing a fire alarm system in a building that currently has a waking watch.

The installation of a fire alarm system will do away with the need for 24/7 patrols.  There will still need to be a 24/7 presence to monitor the alarm panel, liaise with the Fire and Rescue Services and coordinate an evacuation should the alarm be triggered.

The fire alarm system must have been installed on, or after, 17th December 2020 in order to be eligible, as well as meet several other requirements.

Qualifying buildings have until 30th April 2021 to complete their applications.

To read more about this, and progress an application, please follow the below link.

Waking Watch Relief Fund | London City Hall

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